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Sweet gourd

Ispahani Hybrid "Sweet gourd”

A. Preparation for Seed Sowing
B. Mainland Preparation
C. Fertilizer Management
D. Pest & Diseases Management
E. Harvesting

A. Preparation for Seed Sowing

Hybrid varieties
  • Shila, Holland 1, Rock, Chita

Soil & climate type:
  • Soil containing an abundance of humus, or an abundant supply of organic matter, are considered the most desirable for the culture of pumpkin.
  • Loamy, sandy loam and clay loam soil and soil rich in organic matter are best for successful production of pumpkin.
  • The plants can be grown on a medium acid soil but best at a PHof 6.0-6.5 
  • The areas having long warm, abundance sunshine and low humidity are ideal for successful production of seeds of this crop. It grows best at 18-20°C but can't withstand at minimum 15°C and maximum 45°C.

Seed rate:
  • Direct Sowing : 0.6 –0.8  kg/acre
  • Seedling transplanting :0.4 - 0.5 kg/acre

Seed treatment:
  • Seed treatment with Bio-derma powder works against seed-borne diseases.
  • In 1 kg seed 30 gm Bio-derma powder will be needed.

Time of sowing:
      Year round crop but best for-
  • August-September for the rabi (winter) season and
  • December to February for the kharif (summer) season.

Polybag preparation:
  • Rotten cow dung and compost 25-30 kg, TSP 100 gm MOP 100 gm should be mixed with 10 cft (3ʹx 9ʹx 5ʺ) soil properly and  250 gm Bio-derma solid would be needed to control “Damping off” of seedling.
  • Above mixed soil have to be filled up in   4ʺ x  3ʺ polybag
B. Mainland Preparation

Seedling Raising:
  • Only one sprouted Seed sown in the soil of polybag –
  • Depth : 2.0 -3.0 cm
  • Shade Preparation-
A shade should be prepared polybag for shelter of seedling from direct sunlight and rainfall.
  • Sackcloth to be used for direct sunlight
  • Polythene to be used only for heavy rainfall

Land Preparation:
  • The land should be ploughed 4-6 times properly followed by harrowing for breaking clods and properly leveled.
  • One month before seedling transplanting of the vegetable, farm yard manure (FYM) should be applied and completely mixed with soil.
  • 5 meter bed should be made a distance of 40 cm wide and 15 cm depth drainage channels with the help of spade and watered properly. The seedling should be planted on two lines in a bed at the evening.
  • A bio fungicide marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited “Bio-darma solid” should be use through mixing with rotten cow dung in the land for soil sanctifying.
  • Before 7 days of transplanting of seedling Bio-darma solid would be mixed with soil fairly and 8-10 kg Bio-darma solid applied in 1 bigha (33 decimal) land.

Seed Sowing or Seedling Transplanting:
Pumpkin cultivate in two way-
  • Seedling Transplanting and
  • Seed direct sowing
  • Seedling Transplanting:
  • By making 5 meter wide bed, the row to row distance will be 4.5 m and seedling to seedling distance will be 1.0 m.
  •  The Seedlings are transplanted when 15 to 20 days age or seedling of 3-4 leaves.
  • Seedling should be transplanted 25 cm inner from both side of a bed.
  • These are watered immediately after transplanting.
  • Method of Seed sowing:
  • The seeds are soaked in water over night before sowing for better germination.
  • The seed is sown by dibbling method at a spacing of 4.5 m x 1.0 m.
  • Seed should be sown 25 cm inner from both side of 5 meter wide bed.
  • Generally three to four wet seeds or 2 sprouted seeds are sown in a pit at 2.5 to 3.0 cm depth.
  • All seedlings will be removed rest only one healthy seedling from a pit after 3-4 true leaves. 
C.Fertilizer Management
  • The fertilizer doses to be applied depend on variety, fertility of soil, climate and season of planting.
  • The fertilizer is applied in a ring at 6-7 cm from the base of the stem. It is better to complete all the fertilizer applications just before the fruit set.

                     Fertilizer should be applied kg per acre as follows.
Fertilizer Name Fertilizer dose (Kg/acre.) During Land Preparation 1st Top dressing 2nd Top dressing 3rd Top dressing
DAT/S : Days After Transplanting/Sowing 7-10/20-25 20-25/35-40 35-40/50-55
Cow dung 7000 7000 - - -
Organic fertilizer 100 100 - - -
Urea 75 - 25 25 25
TSP 60 60 - - -
MOP 45 15 10 10 10
Gypsum 25 25 - - -
Zn Sulfate 4 4 - - -
Borax 4 4 - - -

  • In dry weather, pumpkin should be irrigated at every 5-6 days interval. The crop when sown during rainy season should be irrigated as and when necessary.
  • Excessive water during ripening causes rotting and reduces sugar content of fruits of pumpkin.

D. Pest & Diseases Management:
  • Cucurbit Fruit fly:
  • For control Cucurbit Fruit fly "Q-phero" marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited should be set in the field within 1-2 week after sowing seeds or transplanting.
  • Insects take preparation to attack before flowering, so preventive measure should be taken before flowering stage.
  • Red Pumpkin beetle:
  • "Ecomec" marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited will be mixed with 1ml/liter water then spray it after 7 days of interval.

Disease Management:
  • Bacterial wilt:
  • Control : "Bio-darma powder" marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited would be mixed with water fairly 3-4 gram per liter is sprayed immediately the affected area and on the plant

E. Harvesting:
  • After 75-80 days of transplanting Ispahani hybrid bitter gourd can be harvested.
  • 20-25 ton per acre.

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