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Cucurbit Fruit Fly

Pest Name: Cucurbit Fruit Fly

Scientific name:Bactrocera cucurbitae

Cucurbitaceous crop:

Sweet gourd, Bottle gourd, Wax gourd, Cucumber, Cucumber(short), Ridge gourd, Sponge gourd, Bitter gourd, Teasel gourd, Pointed gourd, Snake gourd, Squash, musk melon, Snap melon, Water melon, Oriental melon etc. types vegetables.

Nature of damage:  

  • About 50-70 percent fruits become damaged from the attack of cucurbit fruit fly which is not possible to manage fully by the use of insecticides.
  •  At first eggs are laying into the fruit and then larvae damage inside the fruits.
  • The fruit which is attacked by the larvae goes to rotten promptly and dropped.
  • Within a short time larvae become adult and attack again.


Applicable to suppress the pest: “Q-phero” marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited is very much effective to manage the ‘Cucurbit Fruit Fly’ of cucurbitaceous vegetables.



  • Pheromone trap would be set on land with a distance of 10-12 meter (20 hands) in a square look.
  •  For every 3 decimal of land 1 trap would be used (10-12 lures in one bigha or 33 decimal).
  • A lure remains effective till two months.

Time of pheromone setting in the field:

  • Trap should be set in the field within 1-2 week after sowing seeds or transplanting.

Infestation period:

  • Insects take preparation to attack before flowering.
  • So, preventive measure should be taken before flowering stage.




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