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Fruit fly

Pest Name: Fruit fly

Scientific name: Bactrocera dorsalis

Nature of damage:

  • About 50-70 percent fruits become damaged for fruit fly which could not be managed fully by the insecticides.
  • At first eggs are laying into the fruit and then larvae damage inside the fruits.
  • Attack of insects found more in April-May and continued until fruit ripe.
  • Hole found at the time of growing stone of mango and then also found to drop sap.
  • Maggot of insect is found when it becomes matured.
  • Within a short time larvae become adult and then attack newly.


Fruits: Mango, Guava, Orange


Applicable to manage insects:

Bactro-D marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited is very effective for managing fruit fly of mango, guava and orange.



  • Pheromone trap would be set on plant with a distance of 10-12 meter (20 hands) in a square look.
  • For every 3 decimal of land 1 trap would be used (10-12 in lures required for 1 bigha or 33 decimal).
  • 1 Pheromone lure will be needed to hang with big size tree. One lure will remains effective till 45-60 days.


Time of Pheromone setting in the field:

  • Sex Pheromone trap should be set on the plant when the size of the fruit becomes as marble.
  •  One trap is enough for one season
  • Two lures will be needed for the variety Fajli and Ashina.


Infestation period:  Attack of insects found more in April-May and continued until fruit ripe.

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