Fusarium Wilt

Causal organism: Fusarium

Target crops: Tomato, eggplant and pepper,Cabbage


  • Initially, plants wilt during the hottest part of the day and recover at night.
  • Leaflets turn yellow on one side of the plant, or even just leaflets on one half of a compound leaf.
  • The entire plant soon turns yellow and wilts. Browning of leaves occurs rarely.
  • Peel the epidermis off the lower stem to see dark red brown discolored vascular tissue.
  • Discolored veins due to Fusarium.


Applicable to prevent the disease: “Bio-derma” (Trichoderma harzianum ) marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited is very much effective to manage the Fusarium Wilt.


Dosage of Bio-darma Solid:


  • Main land     : The last cultivation of land, 8-10 kg Bio darma solid per bigha (33 decimal).
  • Seed bed      :  In 1 meter * 10 meter seed bed 250 gram Bio darma solid.
  • Pit                  :  100 gram Bio darma solid in every pit before 7 days of sowing or transplanting.
  • Pot                   : 10 gram Bio darma solid in 1 pot  
  • Infected tree   : 50 gm Bio-darma would be mixed with the bottom of the infected crops.

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