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A. Preparation for Seed Sowing
B.  Mainland Preparation
C. Fertilizer Management
Pest & Diseases Management
E.  Harvesting

A. Preparation for Seed Sowing

  • Marvellous CF 45, Marvellous CF 55
Seed rate:
  • gm/decimal
Sowing time:
  • Proper time of seed sowing  : July to 15 August.
 Soil & Climate:
  • Cauliflower requires loams to clay loam with fertile soil and land should be good drainage of water.
  • Soil P­H  5.5 – 6.6
  • Cauliflower grows best in cool, moist climate and is sensitive to low temperatures.
Seedbed Preparartion 
  • The land should be ploughed properly followed by harrowing for breaking clods and properly levelled.
  • An ideal seedbed should be prepared by skill hand :
    • Length : 3 miter
    • Wide : 1 miter
    • Height : 15 cm
    • Bed to Bed distance : 50 cm
  • Rotten cow dung 25-30 kg, TSP 100 gm MOP 100 gm should be mixed with soil properly and 100 gm Bio-derma would be needed to control “Damping off” of seedling on an ideal seedbed 

BMainland Preparation

Seedling Raising:
  • Seed sown on seedbed in line –
    • Line to line : 2.5 cm
    • Seed to Seed : 1 cm
    • Depth : 0.25 cm
  • After 8-10 days seed germination, Seedling should be transplanted on other seedbed in line –
    • Line to line :  4 cm
    • Seedling to Seedling : 2.5 cm
  • Shade Preparation-
A shade should be prepared according to seedbed for shelter of seedling from direct sunlight and rainfall.
  • Sackcloth to be used for direct sunlight
  • Polythene to be used only for heavy rainfall

 Land Preparation:
  • The land should be ploughed 4-6 times properly followed by harrowing for breaking clods and properly levelled.
  • One month before seedling transplanting of the vegetable, farm yard manure (FYM) should be applied and completely mixed with soil.
  • 90 cm bed should be made a distance of 30 cm drain with the help of spade and watered properly. The seedling should be planted on two lines in a bed at the evening.
  • A bio fungicide marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited “Bio-darma” should be use through mixing with rotten cow dung in the land for soil sanctifying.
Seedling Transplanting:
  • By making 90 cm wide bed, the row to row distance will be 60 cm and seedling to seedling distance will be 40 cm.
  •  The Seedling are transplanted when 30 to 40 days old.
  • Seedling should be transplanted 15 cm inner from both side of a bed.
  • At the time of seedling transplanting, the bark of banana tree should be shade for not drying in the sun and then watering should be given.
  • Before 7 days of transplanting of seedling Bio-darma would be mixed with soil fairly and 8-10 kg  Bio-darma applied in 1 bigha (33 decimal) land.
  • Cauliflower is sensitive to stress and should be properly irrigated.
  • For early sowing the field should be irrigated three times at an interval of 7 days or watering should be done whenever necessary.
C. Fertilizer Managemement :
  • Cauliflower requires a large quantity of fertilizer. One month before sowing, FYM should be mixed in soil.
  • Fertilizer should be applied kg per acre as follows.
Fertilizer Name Fertilizer dose (Kg/acre.) During Land Preparation 1st Top dressing 2nd Top dressing 3rd Top dressing
DAT : Days After Transplanting 15-20 30-35 50-55
Cowdung 5000 5000 - - -
Organic fertilizer 100 100 - - -
Urea 100 20 40 40  
TSP 70 70 - - -
MOP 80 50 20 10 -
Gypsum 40 25 - - -
Zn Sulfate 4 4 - - -
Borax 4 4 - - -
Sodium Molybdenum 4 4 - - -
D. Pest & Diseases Management  

Pest Management:
Aphid (sucking insects):These insects are more injurious during latter part for the growth of crop.
  • The attack is controlled by spraying of "Ecomec" marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited.
  • Ecomec will be mixed with 1ml/liter water and then spray this solution after seven days interval. 
  • These insects firstly attack the young rootlets and then burrow into the main root, causing the plant to wilt which can reduce the yield by 100%.
  • Controlled by "Cutworm Lure" that is marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited. The lure in pheromone trap will have to be set up 1 week before seedling transplanting.
Spodoptera litura/ Looper :
  • They feed on the foliage and flower of cauliflower.
  • Controlled by "Spodo-NPV" which are marketed by Ispahani Agro Limited. Spodo- NPV is a powdery bio-pesticide.
  • Three gm Spodo-NPV will be mixed with 16 liter water and then spray this solution after seven days interval.
  •  Brakon Hebetor may use in sever attack.
Disease management:
Dumping Off:
  • Damping-off kills seedlings before or soon after they emerge.
  • Beneath the soil a general rot is observed.Seedlings that emerge develop a lesion near where the tender stem contacts the soil surface, and the seedling collapses.
  • At the time of Seedling transplanting: Seedling will be treated by Bio-darma suspension or powder.
  • During main field preparation:At the time of main field preparation and before 7 days of seedling transplanting of cauliflower Bio-darma would be mixed with soil and 8-10 kg Bio-darma applied in 1  bigha land.
  • In case of infected crops:  50 gmBio-darma would be applied at the bottom of the infected crops.  

E. Harvesting:
  • After 45 days of transplanting CF 45 can be harvested and
  •  50-55 days of transplanting CF-55 can be harvested.
  • Average weight of CF-45 is 0.8-1.0 kg and average weight of CF-55 is 1.0-1.2 kg.


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