BSFB Phero is a pheromone lure of Brinjal Shoot & Fruit Borer

Applicable to suppress the insect : BSFB-Phero is very effective to manage the ‘Brinjal Shoot and Fruit Borer’ insect.

Time of Pheromone setting in the field : The trap should be set in the field within 1-2 weeks after sowing.

Dosage : Pheromone trap would be set in the land with a distance of 10-12 meters (20 hands) in a square look. For every 2.5 decimal of land, each trap would be used (15 lures for 1bigha or 33 decimal). A lure remains effective for 45-60 days. It needs to use two lures in one season.

Infestation period : The attack starts within 12-15 days after transplant.