About Us

Company Information/ History

Ispahani Agro Limited (IAL), a subsidiary of M. M. Ispahani LTD, has been steadfastly driving its agro-business forward through four key divisions: 'Ispahani Seeds', 'Ispahani Biotech', 'Ispahani Crop Health', and 'Ispahani Agro Processing'. Since its establishment in 2007. IAL represents a comprehensive approach to providing agricultural inputs, ensuring a secure supply of safe food. Against this backdrop, IAL initiated its journey by offering high-quality agro solutions under the guiding principle of "Committed for Developing Safe and Nutrient Enriched Food Secured Bangladesh"

M. M. Ispahani Limited, founded in 1820, stands as a testament to excellence. Holding an ISO 9001 certification, the company's central hubs are strategically located in Chittagong, Dhaka, and Khulna. Spanning diverse sectors, including Tea, Foods, Textile, Jute, Match, Real Estate, Poultry, and Shipping, the conglomerate employs over 10,000 people. Two centuries since its inception, the House of Ispahani continues to uphold an unwavering commitment to delivering premium products and services, solidifying its legacy of excellence.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is ‘From Farm to Table: Safe Food for a Better Life'

Within the framework of ‘One-Stop Agriculture’, Ispahani Agro Limited is dedicated to furnishing farmers with eco-conscious agro-inputs, fostering secure food cultivation. Concurrently, we are committed to extending infrastructural assistance for agro-processing and cultivating a sustainable supply chain. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee the seamless delivery of safe and nourishing food to the discerning consumer.

Awards & Achievements


Ispahani Agro Ltd wins ‘Green Business Climate’ award


Ispahani Agro Ltd wins the Best Agricultural Organization Award